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Based on an old vineyard hill near Coburg, Germany – Summit Amplifications manufactures unique, top-class and all handmade guitar pedals, as well as other audio gear.
Always anxious to equip devices with enough options to please you and your amp/gear. Making it less dependent to whatever comes after or before it in the signal chain, so it can sound perfect (just like it was meant to be) with every setup.

Summit Amplifications devices are meant and built to last a lifetime.
As there are always parts that have a limited lifespan with continual use (mostly switches and other hardware), there comes a lifetime service guarantee and access to the repair and service contact option with every device.
Meaning – as long as there is Summit Amplifications – internal service and repairs are taken over without any charge.

Please note that we can not include any shipping costs (both ways) to this. Always make contact before sending something in by using the email that is stated on the manual card coming with every device.

The free repair policy only applies to devices that,
– are owned first hand with any kind of prove of purchase (exceptions for decent second hand devices can be made)
– haven’t been externally modified in any kind or where personal negligence can be ruled out

Discontinued parts will be replaced functionally.
In cases where sending back the item to Summit Amps isn’t practical, support and information for further steps will be provided.

Shipping is possible to almost any spot of the world. For rates check the calculator on the checkout page or the reverb store.